Highland Technology Park

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We seek partners to develop this photovoltaic technology park to its full potential.

Join Canrom Photovoltaics Inc. ( www.canrom.com ), Photovoltaic Research Center ( www.pvrc-nf.org ), Science Line ( www.scienceline.net ) Niagara Science Museum (www.niagarasciencemuseum.org)

at the

Highland Technology Park in Niagara Falls, New York.

The five acres park accommodate three buildings built in the 1960s in the International Architectural Style.

Ocupy the second floor here:



Partner with Canrom to bring to market the principal contender for large scale application of photovoltaics

These facilities are located one miles from the scenic Niagara Falls, at a gate of Canada, one mile from the hydroelectric generation plants of Niagara

Sponsor a student team for a solar energy project. Set up a demonstration project. Outreach on East Coast USA and Canada.

High visibility location. Immediate recognition around the globe Easy acces to New York, Toronto, Chcago, Boston Buffalo markets

Locate here! Set up at a very reduced cost:

The owner of the property is a physicist, specializing in thin-film CdTe-based solar modules, who is eager to establish a legacy in photovoltaics

Please call Nick Dalacu at

(716) 282-2975 for further information or email him at ndalcua@ca.inter.net.